Earn $3750 Extra a Month With
One Secret Word!

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Does that sound like something you’d like to do?

Well, I know it’s possible because I’ve done it.  This word that I’m going to tell you about will allow you to get people to spend nice chunks of cash on your products or services that they otherwise wouldn’t spend.

There’s a good reason they will do it.  It’s because they won’t feel like they’re actually spending any real money.

I know what you might be thinking.  That perhaps I’m going to suggest that you should get people to put their expenditures on credit cards or on an equity line of credit.

If that’s what you were thinking, you were way off.  I’ll grant you that when people spend money using credit lines it may feel a little less painful than when they withdraw funds from their savings accounts.

Nevertheless, unless they’re either a credit junkie or planning on filing bankruptcy, they know they’re going to have to pay the money back.

No, this method of getting people to spend is nothing like that.  I’ll be truthful that even though I fully understand the system I have many times made large expenditures with other businesses that I wouldn’t have otherwise made because of the power of this word.

A Method of Financing That’s
Been Around Since Cavemen!

That’s right.  How did people make transactions before there was any currency?  They bartered.

I’m sure you know what bartering is, but just so we’re all definitely on the same page, let me state the definition that I’m using in terms of creating wealth from bartering.

Bartering is executing transactions where either products or services with significant monetary value are made without the use of a government currency.

This kind of exchange started at the beginning of humankind and is still used today. From 9,000-6,000 B.C., livestock was often used as a unit of exchange.

Later, as agriculture developed, people used crops for barter. For example, one farmer could ask another farmer to trade a pound of apples for a pound of bananas.

Despite the fact that bartering may be an “ancient” means of executing transactions, it still has a place in today’s business world.  And, when you use some of the techniques that I’m going to share with you in my SECRETS TO GET RICH WITH BARTERING course, you can really increase your wealth.

Imagine being able to do all of the following:

  • Earning thousands of dollars by selling your excess inventory or available labor
  • Paying for expensive services like dentists, doctors, with barter dollars that feel like they’re free.
  • Sell to whole new markets of customers are eager to buy your products and services and who won’t quibble about the price.
  • Use a secret formula to earn $1200 a week of U.S. greenbacks along with thousands of dollars of barter credits.
  • Go to expensive restaurants, nightclubs and other events without paying a nickel in cash.
  • Rapidly expand your business by tapping into markets that your competitors don’t know about.
  • Have professional marketers work to sell your products and services on your behalf for free.
  • Conserve your cash
  • A six letter word that will have businesses cutting you thousand dollar checks without the blink of an eye.
  • Put idle resources to work

There are many ways you can drastically increase your wealth with bartering.  You can make huge profits with barter exchanges and you can also use bartering techniques on your own.

Think about this: According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, barter in its various forms accounts for about 30 percent of the world's total business. In the U.S., over 250,000 businesses actively use organized barter to supplement their cash transactions.

I’m going to give you all the details you’ll need to know to start revving up your wealth engines in just a minute, but I want to tell you about some of my experiences with bartering.

My name is Paul Lawrence and about twelve years ago I began producing local cable television programs.  I did it all.  I actually produced the shows and I sold the advertising to pay for it all and squeak out a small profit.

Truth be told my profits were pretty small.  I was spending about 20 hours a week on this project and was lucky to end up with a hundred bucks in profit.

How Bartering Increased My Profits
1000% In a Week

I was struggling along with my pet project when I stumbled across someone who shared a secret with me that floored me.

This guy was producing his own program and he invited me on as a guest.  During the taping he secretly confided to me that each of his sponsors that were there were paying him $750 each.  And all they got was a minute to stand in front of the camera and make a pitch for their business.

Well, there was four of them.  I was floored.  Here he was taping this little half an hour cable television program which maybe took an hour and he profited $3000.  Yet, I was getting less money from sponsors for my show and I was producing real commercials and giving them loads of airings.

I finally got up the gumption and asked him how he got these people to spend so much money for so little and he smiled at me and whispered, “barter.”  It turned out that the sponsors were paying in the form of barter.

I was intrigued so I investigated further.  I discovered that I could do the same thing.  I could sell thousands of dollars in advertising for barter dollars easily.  But, here’s how I turned that money into real cash. 

I also discovered that I could pay for the majority of my expenses with this same barter currency.  That meant that I was able to stop paying out thousands of dollars in U.S. dollars.  And all of that cash went straight to my bottom line!

Stop Spending Your Cash to Get
Services You Need

No matter what kind of business you have, it’s likely that you can find ways to bring in huge chunks of extra income with bartering.  And, even better…you’ll be able to use that barter income to pay for virtually any service and many products that you might need.

Let me give you a partial list of some of the kinds of businesses that you can obtain services or products from with bartered dollars:

  • Accomodation/travel 
  • Advertising 
  • Jewelry 
  • Legal Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive Repair
  • Automotive detailing
  • Real Estate
  • Clothing
  • Marine
  • Computer
  • Printing
  • Sports/recreation
  • Food and Beverage
  • Transportation
  • Home and garden
  • And way too many to list them all here!

Learn From Someone That’s Done It

Look, I’ll be frank with you. If you’ve got some intelligence and a little initiative, you could go out into the marketplace and probably get started trying to do some kind of bartering.

But, wouldn’t you rather have someone that’s already done it help you avoid the pitfalls and make the most money doing it?

Well, that’s what I’d like to do with you.  Let me tell you about one person I helped make tens of thousands of extra dollars using my system:

Alan W. had a service business that catered to other businesses.  And, he was good at what he did, but the truth was that his phone was hardly ever ringing.  He tried almost everything.

Alan spent a small fortune on yellow page ads, newspapers, etc. But, business was still slow.  Then, I showed him how he could start cashing in on bartering and suddenly his phone was ringing off of the hook. 

In the few short months I worked with him I saw him suddenly stockpile tens of thousands of dollars. Suddenly, he had so much money he was having a hard time finding ways to spend it.

Then, there was Michael Y.  Just like a lot of people in recent times, he had his income take a real dive because he provided services in the real estate market when it tanked.

But, when I showed him how he could get people to eagerly pay full price for his services using bartering, his financial picture turned around and so did his lifestyle.

The truth is Michael likes to enjoy the extravagant things in life.  But, when his income took a dive, he suddenly felt guilty about taking a vacation for a weekend and spending a thousand dollars on the resort.  But, when he became able to pay with bartered money, his purse strings were suddenly loosened.

By picking up this new stream of money, Michael resumed his lifestyle of dining in fine restaurants, getting quality massage therapy…even going to shows.  And he did it all without dipping into his cash.

You’re Going to Have These Field
Tested Secrets Without Learning
From the Hard School of Knocks!

I told you how I got started in bartering but I didn’t mention that I spent quite a bit of time fine tuning my bartering system so it could work on other businesses I had too.

I’m going to share with you how I lined up those eager customers with their checkbooks and how I was able to get people to pay me thousands of dollars with almost no thought.

  • Get 50% more than your full price
  • Use one barter network against the other to triple your cash flow
  • Earn thousands extra for talking your service vendors into working for you without you having to pay them in real dollars.
  • Secrets to getting coveted lists of eager buyers
  • How to make thousands in simple three way trades
  • A way to reduce your cash expenditure by thousands before you ever make a single barter sale
  • Turning barter dollars into U.S. dollars quickly and without huge discounts
  • Lower you tax bill legitimately by thousands of dollars with bartering
  • Prying U.S. dollars out of your barter customers
  • Specific recommendations on barter networks to use
  • And many other wealth building barter secrets

Personal Coaching Would Cost $1000+

Here’s the thing. If I was to work with you personally the way I did with Alan W. or Michael Y.  I’d need to charge you at least this much.

And, if you consider that because of the secrets I’m going to share with you that you could easily make an extra $10,000 to $30,000 this year, it’d be a wise investment.

Still, I realize that needing to make that kind of expenditure would just simply stop too many people from doing it.  And, that would really be a shame because in tough times like these, small business people need all the advantages they can get.

So, I decided that I should offer the next best thing to personal coaching.  I’d create a program that would divulge all of my best secrets and then I could offer it at a much lower price with it still making business sense for me.

I’ll get you the details on the price in a minute, but let me tell you another thing about this program that I think is so fantastic.

You Can Start Building Wealth With
Bartering in Under One Hour!

I’ve been in business for quite awhile now and during that time I’ve had the good fortune to enjoy success in quite a few different fields and endeavors.  So, I’ve been able to publish quite a few different kinds of programs on wealth building.

And, besides my own experience I am familiar with quite a few other information publishers and it’s my observation that quite often people get programs and courses with the best of intentions, but that they never end up really using them.

One of the biggest reasons seems to be that the size of some of these courses makes them appear just too overwhelming.  And, I get it. 

Who has time to read hundreds of pages or listen to hours of CD’s when you’re a small business person scrambling to keep your head above water and keep some semblance of a personal life?

So, instead of creating a program that costs hundreds of dollars and has volumes of books to read, I’ve created a simple audio program that will tell you all of the prime secrets to
getting rich with bartering in less than an hour.

You can play the CD on your way home from work and be at your computer on your way to making your first thousands that same night.

Like I pointed out…if I can give you secrets that will make you ten or twenty thousand dollars richer this year, it’d be worth a thousand bucks to do it.  But don’t worry because as I’ve said I’ve created a streamlined program that will give you the information you need quickly and affordably.

Start Getting Wealthy With Bartering For the
Price of One Reasonable Dinner For Two

It really freaks out my accountant and some of my friends and family when they hear that I’m giving away secrets that took me years to learn and who knows how much labor and sweat for such a small price.

But, I have a philosophy of wanting to offer small business people like myself the chance to get their share of the pie benefiting from my education in the school of hard knocks. 

So, you can get the SECRETS TO GET RICH WITH BARTERING course for

Only $39!

Now, for those skeptics out there who might be saying, “well, sure, Paul if I can spend $39 and maybe start adding thousands to my wealth, that’d be a good deal.  But what happens if I go ahead and get your course and it doesn’t work out for me?”…I’ve got some news that will help you sleep better tonight after you order the course.

A 100% Full Money Back Guarantee!

It’s really quite simple.  You can go ahead and try out the SECRETS TO GET RICH WITH BARTERING course for a full 30 days.  If after you’ve had a chance to listen to it and try out some of these secrets, you’re not full satisfied, just return it.

I’ll give you a full refund with no questions asked.  I can do this because I am positive that the information I’m going to share with you will make you thousands of dollars if you give it a try.

You simply can’t have a deal that’s more fair than that…or can you?  I guess you can because I’m going to throw in an extra bonus.

I know that sometimes one of the hardest things is to actually get going and to keep up the kind of motivation that’s required to get rich in your own small business, so I’m going to throw in a free copy of my audio program, “Make Your Move.” 

This powerful motivational CD is worth the price of admission all by itself.  And, you can have it for free with your order.  In fact, I’ll even do you one better.  You go ahead and try the SECRETS TO GET RICH WITH BARTERING course and if for some reason you do decide to return it you can keep the “Make Your Move” CD as a thank you from me for giving it a try.

So, what are you waiting for?  If you’re looking for new ways to bring in new customers and drastically reduce your expenses, you really can’t afford to wait another minute.

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I hope to hear from you soon about all the new wealth you’ve created from using my system.


Paul Lawrence