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Dear Reader,

Everyone is aware of the huge sums of money that are earned by people in  the entertainment industry.

But, what you may not be aware of is that it’s not only the movie stars that make enormous sums of money.

The creative people behind the television shows and movies are also paid fantastic sums of money…for example, a creative producer of a reality television show could make as much as $50,000 per episode.

The Idea is the King!

It’s this fact that opens the playing field for anyone.  Have you ever looked at one of these reality shows and thought, “oh come on, I could come up with something better than that?”

Or have you watched a movie on television or in the theater and thought, “why would someone make a movie about this?”

Well, if you do have an idea for a gameshow, a reality show, or know about a true life story that you think could be a movie, then you could have a real shot at selling it with just a few simple steps.

Hollywood is Starved for New Ideas!

All you need to do is turn on your television and you can see that it is teeming with different variations of reality and game shows.  It’s not just the major broadcast channels either.

With the proliferation of special interest cable channels, there is a greater need than ever for programming.

This is just a sample of a few of the recent shows on some of these cable networks:

  • “Hogan Knows Best” on VH1 – a program that shows you the life of a former pro wrestler and his family
  • “Unscripted” – HBO, a program that features the lives of some aspiring actors
  • “Amazing Vacation Homes” –Travel Network, a program that goes to the real life vacation homes of people in America
  • “The Janice Dickson Show” – Oxygen Network, a show that covers the day-to-day life of a former model starting her own modeling agency in Los Angeles
  • “American Inventor” – ABC, a program that seeks out inventors with great new products
  • “Who Wants to Marry My Mom” - NBC, a show that features people trying to hook up their mom in a relationship
  • “Million Dollar Listing” –  Bravo Network, a program that features the trials and tribulations of real estate companies that work to sell million dollar + homes

As you can see there are all kinds of shows.  And, the list goes on and on because this is just a small sampling of real shows on the air.

But the point is that there is a market craving any new great idea that could be a reality show.  And, all of the broadcast and cable networks are clamoring to find these ideas.

Why You Don’t Need Any Experience

Most shows on television have what is called a creator.  In some instances this person not only creates the idea, but he also works directly with the network to produce the show.

However, in other cases the only thing the creator does is receive a healthy residual check each week when the show is broadcast.

So, whether you want to actually work on producing the show or just want to collect a check for coming up with the idea, there is room for you in Hollywood.

Creating a reality television show isn’t a complicated process.  In most cases the idea can be written out in a paragraph or less.

Then, within a page or two it can be explained as to how the format will work.  For example, is there a host?  Will there be judges?  Who will be in the show?  Where will they be filmed? And, very important, how will the show finish?

Writing a reality show proposal is nothing like writing actual movie scripts which are usually over 100 pages and are very specialized in their format and craft.

Once you have your one or two page proposal, there are a few simple ways to protect your idea and then submit it to Hollywood.

I will tell you all about how you can get a simple list that will tell you precisely who to send your proposal to, but I want to share a true story with you first.

A Real Life Example of Someone
With No Experience Getting a
Contract to Produce a Reality Show

My name is Paul Lawrence and I have just recently signed a deal to be the executive producer of a comedy reality show by one of the largest producers in Los Angeles that produces many hit network television programs.

And, I have never produced a television show in my life.  Yes, I am a professional movie screenwriter, but believe me I was totally clueless as to how to produce a television show…nor did I know anyone in television.

But, they didn’t care about that because I had a great idea. 

There are plenty of technical people available to handle that part of the show.  What they are in dire need of is great idea.

Quite honestly, getting this contract was one of the easiest things I’ve ever done.  I created a 1.5 page outline of my idea and contacted this company.

They were immediately interested and offered me a contract to be the executive producer.  This contract calls for me getting paid thousands of dollars for each episode.

But, I’m by far not the only person to have this kind of success.  Take the story of Rick Green.  He was a camera operator who came up with an idea for a show that is now called the “Collector Inspector” which has a $3.5 million dollar budget and is in it’s third year.

Do You Know About a Fascinating True Story?

It Could Involve Someone You Know or
Just a Story You Read About.

Again, it’s all about the ideas.  Hollywood salivates over true ideas for sources of stories because they have a “built-in” appeal to them.

According to Greg Kilday, film editor for The Hollywood Reporter, "there's an endless appetite for material and an interest in true-life stories."

There are actual producers who specifically are interested from hearing from people that have true life story ideas.

There are many stories of average folks that have had their ideas turned into movies.

The Secret Power Tool For True Life Stories

When it comes to projects that are based on true life stories there is a very potent tool that comes along with the idea that can give you great negotiating strength with producers.

That is having the rights to the true life events of one or more principals in the story.  If it’s your own story, then you already own the rights.  If it’s someone you’re close to, then it’s easier than pie to get them to allow you to represent their rights.

But, even it’s someone you don’t know. ..someone that you read about in a magazine article or a newspaper, you can easily secure their rights without investing any money.

With a simple one page piece of paper you can option their rights.  What that means is that you agree to pay them a certain fee if you are able to sell the rights to someone else.

So, for example, let’s say you hear of a police detective that did some amazing work and you think it could be a movie.  You give him a call or send a letter explaining that you think their story could be a movie.

Then, you explain that if you are able to sell the rights you will give him $15,000 or some other amount.

Once you have the “life rights” of the party involved you have something exclusive.

Nobody else can obtain these rights without going through you.  Now, all you need to do is drop a line to the right people and you could possibly be earning thousands of dollars being a producer overnight.

Whether you want to create a reality program or market a true life story there is a hungry market for good ideas.

I’m living proof that you don’t need to have special contacts or connections to get a deal.

Luckily for you, I’ve already learned the ropes of how to do it and I’ve decided to share my knowledge with you.

An In-Depth Interview That Reveals It All!

I’ve allowed myself to be interviewed and recorded on an audio CD where I tell you everything you need to know to have a shot at getting your own deal.

Here are some of the things that you’ll learn on this CD:

  • The specific details on how to obtain someone’s life rights for $1 and the resell them for $25,000 the same week
  • What kind of true life stories have commercial value in Hollywood.
  • Where to find amazing true life stories that you can secure the rights to
  • Which stories you shouldn’t waste your time on
  • How to know what kinds of reality show ideas the networks want
  • The way to approach the networks so you’re taken seriously
  • The “3 Step” Magic Approach to securing a deal to be paid $5000 or more per episode of your reality show
  • The secret that will let you become executive producer of a major network show even if you’ve never had one day of experience in show business
  • How to write up your reality show proposal so producers will want to buy it on the spot
  • The most potent thing you can add to a true life story pitch to make a producer jump to buy your story
  • And much more!

The Secrets to Getting a Deal With Hollywood Are Worth Thousands of Dollars

Look, this is not an exaggeration.

If you wanted to go out and obtain all the information I’m going to share with you, it could cost thousands of dollars on consultants, entertainment lawyers, seminars, etc.

Let’s also consider the fact that if you did get a deal for a television program or movie you’re whole life would be changed.

But, I know it’s not practical for most people to spend that kind of money to have a chance at their dream of being in show business.

So, by creating this CD Interview I can share all of this information at a price that is less than it costs for two people to go to dinner.

I’ll give you the exact number in a minute, but I want to let you know that I’m going to provide you with something else very valuable.

A Free Hot List of Real Hollywood
Producers Who Are Looking For Ideas
for True Life Stories and Reality Shows!

Look, the truth is that anyone can get this list, but it requires buying several expensive directories.  And, you’ve got to buy the right ones.

Then, you’ve got to scour through thousands of names and hope that you’re picking the right ones.

But, I’ve already done the work, so why shouldn’t I share it with you? I’ve got my contract for a program…if you have your own great idea then I hope you get your own deal.

Okay, so now you’re going to get the Interview CD where I will reveal all of the information you need to get started on getting your own deal with Hollywood…

And, I’m going to give you a free hot list of producers with their contact information, so you won’t have to do any work researching who to approach with your idea.

Now, I did say that you can obtain this package for less than what it costs for two people to go to dinner.

And, I fully intend to keep my word.  There won’t be any sudden upselling at all.

To the contrary, I’m going to make this deal even more amazing by providing an offer I can only guarantee to keep for the next 10 days.

For the next ten days, anyone who orders the “How to Make $80,000 In Hollywood ” Interview CD will not only receive the free “Producer Hot List”, but I will also include my “Script Marketing Secrets” Course as a pdf file for FREE!

This course retails by itself for $79.95 and whether you may want to write a script or just sell an idea, this course will provide you with the insider secrets I learned over a ten year period working as a screenwriter.

It cost me thousands of dollars in trips to Los Angeles for seminars, consultants, etc. to learn this information.

How good is this course?  Let’s put it this way.  I’ve sold quite a few of these courses and like every product I sell it has a 100% money back guarantee.

And, in about 3 years of selling the course regularly, I have never had one person request a return!  Ask any direct marketer and they will tell you that this is an extraordinary verification of the quality.

Yet, I’m giving you this $79.95 course for free!

So, let me recap this for you…

You will receive the Interview CD, the Scriptwriting Secrets Course which regularly sells for $79.95 and the Hot List of Producers all for…

Only $39.95!

What More Could I Offer?
How About a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Look, let me blunt.

You’re not going to want a refund.  If you are at all serious about having a shot at selling something to Hollywood, you will be so thrilled that now you have the information needed to get your shot.

But, just so you have no doubt…so that you don’t miss the opportunity to change your life and live out a fantasy life…

I’m going to give you that extra security.  Here it is:

When you place your order I will give you a full 30 days to look over the material and give it a try.  And, if for any reason you are unsatisfied, all you have to do is return the Interview CD and I’ll give you a full refund.

I only hope you’ll be kind enough to contact me with any of your success stories.


Paul Lawrence

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