In one week I went from eating
hot dogs and macaroni to…
Having a waiting list of 200 clients!

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur:

I’m going to tell you about a business technique that can be applied to virtually any business that can kick your business into “hyper overdrive” in one day.

I’m going to give you all the details on this amazing tool, but first let me tell you a little bit about my story:

About 14 years ago, I was a struggling ballroom dance teacher who had just recently thrown his own “shingle” up.  While I had acquired some clients, business was slow.  I literally ate things like hot dogs and macaroni and cheese because they were cheap.

Then, I hit upon a brainstorm.  I decided to pursue some publicity for my business.  Let me tell you something.  I hit what could only be described as a grand slam home run!

I was able to get a large favorable article published about my business on the front cover of the Lifestyle section of the local major metropolitan newspaper. 

The phone just wouldn’t stop ringing!

The amount of phone calls that poured in was just mind blowing.  I woke up in the morning to find my answering machine blinking away.  Before I even got to the machine, the phone was ringing.

And while I answered that call another came in on call waiting.  The phone just didn’t stop.  It was one eager client after another.  I quickly filled up my whole schedule for the next two weeks and then started a waiting list.

But what is really important is that I used this huge “shot in the arm” to expand the business, so that a year later when most of the clients from the article were no longer around…I’d now built a well established business with substantial yellow page ads and multiple locations to teach from.

Publicity will work for almost any business.

Whatever business you’re in, there is a very good chance that your business could grow by leaps and bounds if you were able to secure some great free publicity.

Maybe your business would be better suited for a trade magazine, a national magazine or even radio or television.  But, you can be sure that there is a gold mine to be had if you can secure the right publicity.

I was so impressed with the amazing results of my public relations campaign, that I became determined to find ways to reproduce the results.

And over the years I’ve done just that.  I’ve had many articles and interviews published in many different publications and even on radio and television.  While the results varied, more than once I hit other slam dunk home runs.

Publicity is much more powerful than advertising.

The reason publicity is so powerful is that people know that you can’t buy articles on the front page of the newspaper.  So, the testimonial credit that people attribute to them is vastly superior to those testimonials in paid advertising.

In addition, it gives you a kind of celebrity glamour that just can’t be bought at any price.  Listen, you may not get reporters from gossip magazines staking you out if you get a nice article published in the local paper,  but it’s very possible that you could triple your business from such an article.

It may seem crazy, but once you’ve been featured in any kind of major media, people will be overwhelmed to meet you face-to-face.

Now, please understand that I went to college for marketing and had public relations courses where they taught you how to write a professional news release.  And yes, I think that it helps to know how to do that.

The secrets they don’t tell you in college…

But, there’s a lot more to securing those juicy articles and interviews..  Over the years, I fine tuned a whole program that I began to employ which turned me into a public relations machine. 

Competitors just shook their heads with confusion…wondering how I was getting all of this great press when nobody seemed to care a lick about them.

Recently, I was sharing my collection of publicity pieces with a mentor when he suggested that I share my knowledge with people.

You see, I found over the years a number of crafty and clever ways to drastically increase the odds of obtaining that treasured free publicity.  It wasn’t stuff I learned in school.  But, I wasn’t really sure if I felt like writing a course though…

So, that’s when my mentor suggested that I allow myself to be interviewed and that a DVD could be created where I’d share my best public relations secrets.

Your Own “Get Free Publicity” Private Lesson!

This sounded like a great idea to me because I like the idea of people being able to hear me speak to them in plain terms.

Sometimes it just seems easier to get someone excited enough about something to actually change their lives if you can just speak to them one-on-one.

Well, obviously I can’t have private meetings with thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs.  So, this is the next best thing.

And even better, with the magic of DVD’s, you can hear me reveal some of my best “getting publicity secrets” direct from my mouth to your ears in the privacy of your own home for a very reasonable investment. 

After all, if I was going to have a private meeting to share my best secrets to obtain free publicity, I’d need to charge at least $500.  And, it would be a fair price because that free publicity could be worth many thousands of dollars.  It can potentially change the course of a person’s life.  It certainly changed my life.

Your Private Lesson will be less than
a dinner for two in a decent restaurant!

To be truthful, when my financial advisors heard how cheaply I wanted to make this DVD available for, they hit the roof.

They pointed out that I’d used these secrets to make a treasure chest full of money and that the recipients would likely do the same.

But frankly why should I care if you also make a fortune in your field using my public relations secrets?  You won’t be competing against me.  Besides, it’s a big world out there.  There will always be room for me to pursue my own public relations agenda.

So, I’m going to share my best public relations secrets with you for only $39!

An Amazing Free Bonus!

I know this sounds crazy, but I’m really serious about helping other entrepreneurs improve their businesses with public relations.

So, I’m going show my sincerity with deeds rather than action.  For any person that purchases this Interview DVD within the next 10 days of this promotion, I will personally review and offer feedback on a press release that a purchaser creates.

Listen, I don’t know if I’m some kind of public relations genius, but the facts speak for themselves.  I’ve secured quite a number of major public relations coups.  And anyone that’s ever tried will tell you that just getting one real article in a major publication isn’t easy.  And, I’ve had half a dozen…the kinds of articles that brought tens of thousands of dollars into my pockets without paying a nickel for the business.

So, frankly I think that my consulting with you on your press release is arguably worth a lot more than the $39 for the interview DVD.  But, you’ll get this consultation for free with your order.

So, don’t wait. Because I can’t guarantee that this offer will be repeated.  I mean what more could you want?  Well, what I can guarantee is your satisfaction.

You will not have any risk!

Listen, I’m so positive that you’re going to love the information that you learn from my DVD that I’m going to put my money where my mouth is and give you a 100% money back guarantee.

That’s right.  I’ll even give you a full 30 days to go out and try some of the techniques that I’m going to share with you.  And, if you aren’t happy for any reason whatsover, simply return the DVD and I’ll give you a full refund.  No questions asked.

Look, every day there are hordes of shrewd business people cashing in on free publicity.  Why shouldn’t you get your share?  All you need is the right formula and maybe your phone will be ringing off the hook like mine.

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