I’m Going to Give You a Wealth
Building Secret That Can Make You
$125,000+ Your First Year.

And, Once It’s Set Up
All You Do is Collect Checks!

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

I know the above claim sounds pretty amazing.

There are so many different ideas and products that claim they can make you rich out there, it’s hard to know what to believe.

If you’re like I was early in my career searching for the right opportunity, you may have kissed a lot of frogs.  I certainly did!

I know first hand what it’s like to invest in programs that turn out to be duds.  I can’t tell you how many different times I wasted my money on opportunities that turned out to quite frankly…suck.

Here’s a small list of the crap I wasted money on:

  • Oil additives for cars that are supposed to make cars run for hundreds of thousands of miles
  • Video coupon books to rent movies for 35 cents each
  • Gift catalog business where I had to pay for a membership
  • Resale rights to a wealth building book
  • Secret list of venture capitalists who were supposed to be eager to invest in new businesses
  • Loan brokering program
  • Secured credit card sales program
  • And quite a few more

So, please understand that I know where you’re coming from.

That’s why after I was able to finally start and build over a dozen profitable enterprises that all took under $100 in start up capital to begin, I decided to devote myself to seeking out the best money making secrets and share them with other entrepreneurs.

I did this because I know the pain and frustration that can drain the life out of a person with the entrepreneurial spirit.

I don’t know about you but I couldn’t stand having a boss me tell me what to do…or customers who’d treat me like dirt since they thought I was nothing more than a lowly retail clerk.

A System That’s Making Me Rich Too!

One of the great benefits of dedicating my life to uncovering great entrepreneurial opportunities is that I get to use them myself.

And, boy oh boy, the one I’m about tell you about is a grand slam homer, right out of the park!

I have uncovered a secret wealth building tool that is going to blow your mind.

Before I reveal this secret I want you to understand something because there’s no point in wasting each other’s time.

This year I’m scheduled to earn a six figure income using this system and you can do the same.  But, unlike what other get-rich-quick schemes might promise, you will have to make some effort.

Now, don’t get me wrong.

What I promised above is true.  Once you get the system going all you do is collect checks.

That’s what I do. Sometimes I merely go to my mailbox and find a check for thousands of dollars waiting. 

Or other times I go over to someone’s office and collect the check in person.

And that’s all I do!

But, it did take some effort to get there. If you want to do the same you must be prepared to follow the system and actually go for it.

If you’re not really ready to be in business…maybe you’re thinking it would be nice, but you’re not sure if you’re cut out to own a profitable business, then you should probably quit reading.

This opportunity won’t be for you.

If you’re afraid to follow a proven system and actually take a calculated risk on something, then you’ll be better off working for someone else. 

Sure, your weekly checks will be a fraction of the size of a successful entrepreneur but you won’t need to have initiative.

There’ll be a boss to make sure you do your job.  And, there’s nothing wrong with that.  I am thankful for all the sheep out there that are available to ring up my orders in stores and do all the mediocre jobs I refused to do.

Life is about choices.

At this moment, you’ve got a choice to make.

Are You Ready to Join Me In
Financial Independence?

If you’re still with me, then I’m guessing you are. 

In order to explain this opportunity let me share with you a recent experience I had.

I sat in the office of this company that had about 20 employees and was easily a $10 million dollar company.

The president of the company happily signed the check for thousands and gave it to me.  She and her partner were nothing but smiles. 

In fact, they let me know that in just the mail order portion of the business my royalties should be a six figure number this year. “But,” she added.  “If the TV does as well as we hope, that will be the big money payoff for you.”

I was so happy I didn’t even bother to ask how much the “big money” might be since the small money was a six figure amount. 


Acquiring and Licensing Rights
Can Make You Rich.

The reason this company was paying me so much money was that I made a deal for them to market a product I had the rights to. 

Oh, by the way I forgot to mention that they also noted that if all goes as planned, they wanted to acquire the rights to the whole line of products in this area.

An often overlooked opportunity that many entrepreneurs ignore is obtaining the rights to a product and then licensing those rights to someone else.

Now, when I say rights to a product I mean the rights to anything where a right to market it can be licensed or sold.  For example:

  • Book rights
  • Video rights
  • Existing Product rights (a physical product that can be manufactured)
  • Other Intellectual rights
  • A system rights (a franchise like McDonald’s sells the right to use it’s system)
  • Brand rights
  • And so many more different kinds it’s impossible to list them all here.

Acquiring and licensing rights is a great business for four reasons:

  1. You can earn unlimited income
  2. Possible to start raking in cash within 10 days
  3. It’s possible to do with little to no capital
  4. Once you license the rights, someone else does the work while you collect a healthy share of the profits without lifting a finger

In the deal I described above I had acquired the rights to a brand of natural health supplements that I believed had a very marketable concept.

But, instead of risking the hundred thousand dollars it would take to properly launch the product along with all the time and effort, I simply licensed the rights to a large company that was looking for new products.


There are many other reasons a person or
a company might be willing to part

with rights to a product:

There are a lot of reasons that may result in a product becoming available that you could snare the rights to:

  • They may grant you the rights to sell a product that you’ll need them to supply you with….like a foreign manufacturer
  • They may think the product is a dud and anything they can get is better than nothing.
  • They may grant you these rights on a revenue sharing basis where you’ll split any profits you’ll earn.
  • They may just have no idea how monetize the product.
  • The original rights holder may have allowed their rights to expire such as rights to a copyright or patent
  • Create your own product that you can license
  • And many other scenarios

R.A.S. (Rights Acquisition System) is a Proven
Easy System That You Follow Step by Step

Acquiring rights and then licensing them is one of the quickest ways for an entrepreneur to make a fortune in today’s difficult economic climate.

I’ll be honest with you.

It’s possible that you could take this idea, go out on your own and maybe make it work for you without this program.

But, chances are that without the knowledge of all the insider secrets that I’m going to give you with R.A.S. , it will take years to make it happen and you could take some losses on along the way.

I spent fourteen years working on fine tuning this system and understanding how to make it work effectively.

As I went along, I lost thousands investing in ideas that didn’t pan out.  And I invested thousands of hours learning what works and what doesn’t.  Eventually, through trial and error and hard work, I put together a system that anyone can duplicate and follow.

You’ve got to decide if you want to take the long hard road like I did or “leap frog” your way right into success.

Think about this. All you need is to make one or two deals and you’re set.  You can actually retire if you want to because the money will keep flowing in.

Or if you’re like me, you’ll keep busy and allow that money to pile up and grow into a huge nest egg.


Here’s some of the secret techniques I’ll be sharing with you with R.A.S. System that will all be explained in one audio CD:

  • 3 Ways to Get Rights with Little to No Upfront Money Invested
  • How to Carve Off Rights That Didn’t Previously Exist
  • The Richest Source of Free Rights to Great Products
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Rights Acquisition Agreements That Can Save You $100,000 or More
  • 5 Different Profitable Ways to Structure Your Licensing Deals
  • How to Create a Bidding War for Your Rights
  • Where to Find Companies that Will Want to License Your Rights
  • Powerful Techniques to Get Rights Holders to Grant You Rights
  • Best Method to Make Sure You’re Getting You’re Royalties
  • What Products are Most Likely to be Hot Sellers that Will Put at Least $90,000 in Your Bank Account in Year Number One
  • And a Dozen More “Must Have” Secrets to Profitability

Licensing Rights Has Made Hordes of People Rich

Here are just a few samples of real life people besides myself who’ve made huge profits licensing products:

  • Jake Forest licensed a children’s game to a marketing company that now earns him royalties of over $102,500 on an annual basis.
  • Jeff Sherman licensed a financial investment program to a publishing company that has earned him in excess of $1 million dollars.
  • Earl Kravitz took the rights to a concept he optioned and sold it to a television network earning him over $600,000.
  • Ray Croc started a multibillion dollar business by licensing the rights to make his tasty hamburgers to other restaurants.
  • Fred Silver acquired rights to other people’s commercial leases and marketed them to higher paying tenants, pocketing tens of thousands of dollars for his trouble.

What all of the above people have in common is that they made huge profits by identifying a marketable product and then cashing in on it by licensing the rights to someone else.

How Much is a Whole New Life Worth to You?

If someone asked you how much you’d pay to have a lifestyle where you just laid back and collected royalty checks that brought you an income as much as $250,000 a year or maybe even more…

What would your answer be?  In all honesty, a program that could deliver this kind of lifestyle is almost priceless.

But, let’s just say that $1000 would be a bargain price.

In fact, I know that’s what I should price this course at which reveals my best wealth building secrets that took me years to learn.

Yet, even though I know that this price is fair and reasonable, there are a lot of people out there who maybe can’t scrape up that much to invest or would just be afraid to.

So, I’ve decided to set a price point that is much lower than that.  I’ll give you the full details in one moment, but I before I do, here is some more good news for you.

You Will Have Zero Risk!

Listen, I know that this program is so good…filled with so many great wealth building secrets…that you are going to be thrilled that you made the decision to take advantage of it.

This system is so easy to learn.  You won’t be getting volumes of encyclopedia style books that you’ll never read.

You’ll be able to learn everything you need to know by just popping an audio CD into your computer or a stereo.

You’ll listen to me explain the secrets I’ve uncovered in my years of work in this field, that have brought me these lucrative deals. In less than an hour you’ll be on your way to making your first deal.

It’s that simple and effective.

That’s why I’ll make the following guarantee:

You can take a full 30 days to examine this program and even try it out.  If it’s not everything I promised, you can return it for a full refund with no questions asked.

With absolutely no risk, there is no reason that you shouldn’t give it a try.  But, just to give you that little added incentive I’m going to throw in an additional free Audio CD, “Make Your Move.”

This powerful motivational CD will help make sure that you don’t just think about taking action.

It will make you act.

You’re going to be motivated and armed with cutting edge insider information on how to obtain rights to products and then make huge profits licensing them.

As I said before, I honestly believe that $1000 would be a fair and reasonable price for these secrets that you can’t learn anywhere else.

But, my promise to my fellow entrepreneurs is to give them the chance to seize their share of the pie.  So, in order to make it easy, you won’t even need a hundred bucks to get rich with the R.A.S. System.

For this limited test period, you can own the R.A.S. System and the “Make Your Move” audio course with no risk for

Only $39!

If you’re serious about getting wealthy, then you should act right away.  At this very moment, the product that you’ll obtain the rights to license and get rich with could be sitting right under your nose!

If you’re ready to start making things happening rather than contemplating them, you should act right now because I can’t guarantee how long I will be keeping this insanely low test price.

Yours in wealth,

Paul Lawrence

______Yes, Paul, I want make a fortune with little to no capital or experience with the R.A.S. System that will teach me all I need to get started in the lucrative field of obtaining rights to products and then licensing them.  I understand that I will have no risk because I will have a full, no questions asked, 30 day money back guarantee.


P.S. I’m also going to throw in a subscription to “Positive Tip.”  This daily e-zine is packed with wealth building tips for the entrepreneur and will provide you countless other strategies to add to your riches.