If you believe that your future will be secure with social security, a pension from your employer or any other outside party than yourself, then this message won't be for you. But, if you believe that in order to provide for you and your family's health, wealth and happiness you must take matters into your own hands and do what it takes to help yourself, then you should definitely read on.

If You Want to Get Rich in Today's
“Turbulent” Business World,
Then You Need to be
Business Street Smart!

Dear Friend,

Let's be honest.

You can't leave you and your family's future in the hands of others. If you want to be successful as a small business person or investor you've got to be a “Street Smart” business person.

Above Pictured Sonny Fredericks made his fortune with no capital using the “Street Smart” business secrets system he developed.

How Can a Regular Person
Become Rich Without Capital, Connections, or Formal Training
in Business?

It can be done. You can do it. You can build your own wealth machine.

No capital, no connections, no formal training.

And I'm going to tell you all about one particular individual who did it with a revolutionary system.

This system is called the “ Street Smart Business Program ” and it's designed for the small business person or investor who may not have a “war chest” of capital like a well established large business.

It's a system that will work for those that weren't born with a “silver spoon”.

You Can't Learn These Methods in Business School
Because “The Powers That Be” Don't Want
You to Know These Things!

Think about it. Large corporations and other wealthy individuals don't want scrappy new competition taking the food out their mouths. They don't want you to know things like:

  • How to raise $100,000 with no credit or collateral to open a business…p. 94
  • What the “Multiplier Effect” is and how you can make $2000+ a month without lifting a finger…p. 64
  • The secret federal code that will level the business playing field with you and media conglomerates…p. 15
  • A secret technique that will have large corporations teaching you everything you need to know to start your own business for free…p. 25
  • Which methods the million dollar companies use to recruit an army of salespeople who are guaranteed an income without you risking one cent if they don't make you huge profits…p. 27
  • How you can open up next door to retail competitors with 10% of the capital they required even if all of the prime locations are seemingly taken…p. 37
  • The true criteria the “established players” use to evaluate whether a new business venture is viable…p. 39
  • All the details you need to know to start businesses that can make you $5000 a month in 90 days with no capital or previous experience needed…p. 42
  • One simple marketing strategy that will allow you to build a business in less than one year that nets over $100,000 with under $100 capital…p. 44
  • A proven method that can fill your bank account with over $25,000 in cash even if you start with virtually no money with a tightly held secret that the players reaping these profits are throwing fits about because their secrets are being exposed…p.49
  • I could go on and on because what I've shared is only a drop in the bucket of  the "Street Smart Business Program" which is a manual on CD that is filled with over 200 pages of these kinds of never before revealed secrets.

And I will tell you more. But first I'm going to tell you all about how Sonny Fredericks made his wealth and how you can use his system to build your fortune.


If You've Been Told You Need Capital or Connections
to Get Rich, You've Been Misled!

Before I tell you more about how Sonny Fredericks developed this system, let me introduce myself. I am Larry Fredericks. Sonny Fredericks was my father. And I have used the secrets that I was taught to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars of income!

Sonny Fredericks didn't come from a family with money. He grew up on the streets of Philadelphia with a father who was a plumber and a mother who was crippled in a wheelchair. Despite being poor, his family placed a high value on education and Sonny was sent to college.

Unfortunately, what Sonny found out after leaving college is what many college graduates of today find:

With no practical experience, the only jobs available
are low paying entry level jobs.

But, perhaps like yourself, Sonny had no intention of working hard to make someone else rich, while he and his family barely survived…worrying about paying the rent and the utilities.

So, Sonny decided that it was time to apply his street smarts that he learned in the back alleys of Philadelphia and apply them to the business world.

When You Use the “Street Smart Business System”
the results are amazing profits!

Sonny decided to start making his fortune. Whether it's back in Sonny's early days or today, real estate is always an excellent business to make your fortune in. In a moment, I'll tell you about some of the different ways the “Street Smart Business System” will help you become financially independent…real estate is one of them, but…

But, first let me get back to Sonny's story.

Sonny's first problem was that he didn't have any capital to invest. So, he did what any “street smart” business person does when they don't have capital. He applied his street skills in the business world and quickly found some investors. But, Sonny found something else out…

Having Capital Doesn't Guarantee Success!

Start Your Own Profitable Business With Under $100 in Capital in Under 30 Days!

Has everybody been telling you that it takes money to make money? That's what the “fat cats” want you to believe because they don't want the competition.

You'll Learn About 25 Different Businesses You Can Start In 30 Days With Under $100!

The “Street Smart Business System” has a special section so that you can be in your own business…calling your own shots… regardless of your current situation.

The techniques you'll learn will make you a predator who finds holes in your competition and exploits them to carve out a share of the market.

These aren't “pie in the sky” pipe dreams. These are solid, respectable, businesses that you'll be proud to own and will put you on your way to controlling your own destiny.

But each one of these proven businesses can be started with less than $100 in capital and can grow into businesses that are large enough to earn you six figure incomes.

This list of businesses offers a wide range of choices so that whatever your education, skills and background is, you'll be able to select a business that is right for you.

And you'll learn how to select the businesses that can bring you long term wealth.

If you want to make huge profits as a small business person or investor you've got to be very careful with your capital because it can be gone in a second!

There are many “minefields” waiting to cause your destruction in the business world. Some of the obstacles you might face can be any of the following:

  • Difficult market conditions
  • Thorny government regulations
  • Fierce competition
  • Sudden changes in the economy or legal system
  • Thieves and con artists

The good news is that there are numerous techniques to overcome these and any other obstacles you might face as a small business person.

The difference between you and your competition will be that you'll know all of the “cutting edge” wealth building techniques in the “Street Smart Business Program.”

When Sonny went into real estate buying houses and reselling them for a profit, he encountered all of these obstacles, but he applied those street skills to the business world and was able to overcome all of the obstacles and make substantial profits.

As Sonny's fortunes improved he became involved in larger real estate deals. He discovered that he could become a Real Estate Builder.

Next, he discovered a way to control multimillion dollar beach front properties without any of his own money!

Real Estate
Was Just the Beginning...

If you're wondering if the “Street Smart Business System” will work for you if you're not interested in pursuing real estate…the answer is a resounding YES!

Sonny applied “Street Smart” business skills into many other ventures:

  • Music
  • Video Rental
  • Retail
  • Financial Markets
  • Service Businesses

If You Don't Have a Lot of Capital to Invest in a Business of Your Own…There are Two Choices…

  • OPM (other people's money)
  • Start Businesses That Don't Require Capital to Begin

The reason that the “haves” don't want the “have not's” to have it is obvious.

  • If you become a real estate owner who leases out apartments to others…you won't be renting from them.
  • If you have your own business making $100,000 a year plus…you won't be providing cheap labor for them to get richer.
  • If you're not in debt…you won't be filling their bank accounts with profits from interest that came from your hard work and sweat.

Okay, I said I'd share a little bit more about what kind of treasured wealth building secrets you'll find in the “Street Smart Business Program” so, here's a few more:

  • The real deal on credit scores, improving your credit, avoiding the thieves who claim they can magically improve your credit and the lenders who want to charge you outrageously high interest rates who all don't want you to know…p. 57
  • A way to jack your credit score up 100 points or more even if you don't have a dime and have no credit at all or how you can use this same system if you do have credit to get $150,000 of open credit lines on your signature at the same rates bank's best corporate customers get…p. 60
  • One method that has proven to have investors clamoring to write $25,000+ checks to get to invest in your business…p.64
  • Obtain free fortune 500 business consultants that will give you their best personal advice after carefully meeting with you and analyzing the specifics of your individual business's situation whether you are a “start up” or an “on-going” business without you spending one nickel…p.66
  • Where to find a “gold mine” of monied investors who are eager to invest with small businesses.
  • The “blow-by-blow” details of proven secrets on how to attract, pitch and close small business investors that are actually looking to find new businesses to invest in even if you don't have one single contact with capital…p.71-75
  • A source of capital for your business that is teeming with qualified potential investors but less than 1/10 th of 1% of businesses seeking capital tap!…p. 85
  • The “Street Smart” 100% legal way to qualify to open businesses that require licenses or training that you don't have…p.92
  • How to tap into the “mail order” gold mine even if you have less than $100 in capital….P. 99

Okay, let me be blunt. It'd just take too much time and space to describe in this simple promotional message a detailed listing of all the amazing business secrets that will be revealed within this gigantic 200+ page program. But that is a sampling.

This is the most comprehensive program ever created that shares the downright hard core truths of how successful people become wealthy when the odds are stacked against them.

The “Street Smart Business Program” Covers All the Hot Businesses That an “Up and Coming” Entrepreneur Will Want to Exploit

The Top 5 Mistakes People Make on the Internet

  • Have links on their site that allow potential customers to click to a competitor's site.
  • Use search engine techniques which actually cause their ranking to be lowered.
  • Insert slow loading graphics that cause prospective customers to become impatient or click away.
  • Fail to design their web sites to maximize sales.
  • Cluttered web sites that hurt rather than help sales.

Are You Cashing in on the Internet Gold Mine?

There are many businesses you can start on the Internet that have a “multiplier effect”. But maybe you have thought about trying to make money on the Internet, but perhaps you've been reluctant?

There's a good reason to be reluctant if you don't know what you're doing. It's easier to lose money on the Internet than make money.

But, if you know what the “Street Smart” business person does, you can be making $5000+ a month with a part time business with no capital or computer expertise required!

There Are Businesses Who'll Promote Your Products Online With No Investment From You!

As a “Street Smart” business person, why would you want to risk your capital on expensive marketing campaigns when there are people who'll do it for free?

Using the “Street Smart Business System”, P.B. was able to develop his own product and then have a million dollar marketing behemoth use all of their resources and marketing savvy to market the product.

The results were nothing short of miraculous. One morning P.B. opened up his e-mail to find thousands of dollars worth of orders…and that was just the first day!

Some of the
“Street Smart Business” techniques
you'll learn in the Internet Business Section

  • Contact information for actual companies that will market your products with no investment from you.
  • How to turn hits on your site into dollars.
  • A way to create your website and go into business for under $99 even if you have almost no computer knowledge.
  • What your web site needs to have in order to get a top 30 ranking on major search engines.
  • And so much more!

The “Street Smart Business Program” Covers Getting Wealthy In all of the Best Small Businesses

Whether it's on the Internet, Real Estate, Retail, Service Businesses, Direct Mail or virtually any other business, this program will provide you with the “hard core” nuts and bolts of how to make it happen.

Listen to some of the miracles this business has created for me:

  • Made $40,000 in profits in real estate with one transaction with a tiny down payment.
  • Created an Internet program that sold over $100,000 worth of product in the first month.
  • Started a service business with under $100 in under 7 days that resulted in an income of over $5000 a month.
  • Started and sold a business with a 1200% return on the investment in under six months.

Today's business climate is a “jungle”. Things just aren't the same as in the past. The days where someone could work 30 years for one company and be sure that the company would take care of them are gone. Virtually every day in the headlines it's news about one company after another shirking their pension obligations.

And, you certainly don't want to count of social security to take care of you. With the system on the brink of bankruptcy they're likely to push the age up to 80 to start receiving benefits! No, if you want to take yourself and your family…provide for….

  • Secure retirement
  • College for children
  • Nice home
  • Good vacations

Then, you need to take matters into your own hands.

This system worked for my dad, Sonny Fredericks and it's worked for me, but, what I want you to understand is that these experiences are not just limited to myself or my father. Take a look at what some of the people who've used this program have to say:

“I'll be honest. I had a master's degree in business, but I just couldn't seem to be successful in business. But once I started applying the secrets of the “ Street Smart Business Program ”, things really took off. I actually started buying and selling real estate with some of the techniques in the course and in my first deal alone, I'm going to make a $50,000 profit.” M.Y.

I was very frustrated with my life. I always felt that I could be successful, but I never seemed to be able to get my big break. Then, I started following the “ Street Smart Business Program ” and I suddenly found myself owning my own successful small business. Honestly, besides the money which was great, it just felt good to finally be a winner. But the best thing of all was that I was able to start that first business with under $100…and then, I sold it for a big profit and am now in a new business making more money than I ever dreamed I could make! B.S.

I knew I was a smart guy, but I wasn't book smart. To be honest, I dropped out of high school. After 6 grueling years of working my way up from stock clerk to assistant manager of a grocery chain, I knew it was time for me to make my move. I started applying the principles of the “ Street Smart Business Program ” and I quickly found myself as the owner of a profitable business with almost no capital invested. Then, I learned how to use the “Multiplier Effect” and I suddenly found myself flush with cash. Today, I own a huge single family home in the most exclusive neighborhood in the county and I can travel to any exotic location any time I want. D.M.

My story may not be like many other people's. You see I had the chance to go to college and in fact, I actually earned a doctorate in a social science field. Although I certainly could make a decent living with my degree I realized that I didn't want to punch a time clock or otherwise be beholden to others. So, I decided that I wanted to be in business for myself With the strategies of the “Street Smart Business Program” I was able to seize the huge opportunity with the Internet and develop a mammoth business where money is just deposited into my bank account every day whether I sleep until noon or decide to take my Porsche and my wife for a spin with the top down on a sunny day. The one thing I've learned is that if you want to enjoy life, you've got to take control of yours…and the “Street Smart Business Program” will show you everything you need to know to do it. A.M.

I'm a school teacher and honestly, I like my job. Recently, my wife and I just had our first son. But, it's not hard to realize that if we want to provide the best life has to offer to our son, then I need to have some other action going besides my teaching. So, that's why I really love the techniques in the “ Street Smart Business Program ” because I'm able to run a side business with a six figure income while I still maintain the stability, benefits and the satisfaction from my 9-5 to job. It's like having your cake and eating it too. I can't tell you how much better I sleep at night knowing that I'm going to make all the money I need for my family's security and future and still pursue my passion for teaching. I'm so glad I've discovered the techniques of this program. J.Y.

Some of the “Street Smart Business”techniques you'll learn in the real estate section

Profit $10,000+ buying houses with no down payment, credit or risk.

“Street Smart” secrets on how to find bargain distressed properties that all of those courses don't share.

Make $100,000 or more by being a real estate developer.

Own and manage rental property profitably without tenant hassles.

Learn how the rich get their properties financed with no questions asked.

Gain control over millions of dollars of real estate without any cash or collateral and make $100,000+ in profits.

Find the bargain properties in areas where real estate prices are going nuts that you can purchase for 25-30% below market value.

Learn how to approach and pitch banks so you can pick up properties that are pre-foreclosure.

The truth about how to structure deals that allow you to pocket $5000 to $25,000 cash at closings.

A simple way to secure good mortage rates even if you have less than perfect credit.

How to make offers on properties “sight unseen” that can make you a fortune and present no risk.

The truth about credit scores and how you can improve yours by 100 points or more within 6 months.

And many other “Street Smart” business techniques

If I Were to Teach You Everything in This Course on an
Individual Basis, I'd Have to
Charge You $5000.

But with my being able to offer you this home study program, I am able to offer you the chance to learn all of the techniques in the “Street Smart Business Program” for much less than that.

I'm going to tell you all about what it will take to have your very own copy of this miraculous wealth building course, but first I want to give you one more piece of good news.

A Free Motivational CD Will Be Yours Just For Trying The Course!

Let's face it. It can be hard to get the drive to day in and day out do what it takes to be successful. There are really two parts to it. There is the drive and the system.

I know for a fact that even if you use a small fraction of the vast material in the “Street Smart Business Program”, you can become wealthy.

But, because I want to make sure that you become wealthy, I'm going to include with your course a free “ Make Your Move ” motivational CD, that will help get your juices going so you can be sure that you will use this course to change your life.

You Can Own This Program
For Less Than $500!

That's right. You can own this program for less than $500 because I want it to be available to everyone. I just recently attended a wealth building seminar where they wanted $6000 to get their program! I couldn't believe it.

So, when I say less than $500, I mean a lot less. Before I tell you how much less, I should mention one more thing…

100% No Questions Asked
Money Back Guarantee!

I am so sure that you are going to love this course and use it's techniques to make you wealthy that I'm going to give you a 100% money back guarantee.

But, I'm going to do more than that. You see even if you decide that the “Street Smart Business Program” isn't for you…I want you to keep the motivational “ Make Your Move ” CD as my gift just for trying it.

Change Your Whole Life For the Cost of Dinner and a Movie

Like I said, I want this course available to the regular folks who really deserve to achieve their goals and dreams, so I'm going to make this program available to you for about what it costs for a modest dinner for two and a movie…

For a Limited Time the “Street Smart Business Program” is available on CD for only $39!

Isn't it time to step up and take what's rightfully yours? To change your life click the below link and get your “Street Smart Business Program” CD and your FREE “ Make Your Move ” CD today!


Street Smart Business Program CD - $39.00
Shipping & Handling - $6.95

DON'T FORGET, our 30 day money back guarantee.
Even if you decide to return the course you keep the "Make Your Move" CD as our gift.

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